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Dental Bridges — closing the gap to a perfect smile.

Dental BridgesIf you lose a tooth, as long as healthy teeth remain on both sides of the gap, a fixed bridge may be a great treatment option. This is because fixed bridges require support from both sides. Even though all of the teeth of the bridge are physically connected, the final result makes it look like the teeth are individual and natural. Fixed bridges are typically made from porcelain with a metal sub-structure and require at least two visits to complete the process.

During the first visit, we’ll prepare and temporize the teeth and during the second, we’ll adjust and cement the fixed bridge in place. Sometimes a third visit may be needed if a tooth is extracted and the bridge preparation is done the same day. The bone and tissue need 5-8 weeks to re-contour. This enables the professional laboratory to create a bridge which looks and feels natural with no food traps.