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Congratulations on your new partial or full dentures. This new dental appliance will help improve your standard of living and your self confidence. Dr. Friess is happy to answer any of your questions as you begin to adjust to your new dentures.

What will the first few days be like with my new Dentures?

Dentures will require some time before they become comfortable. This is something different, different feeling and something new. The length of time it will take to adjust to this change varies depending on your ability and determination to learn how to use them. The most difficult part will be learning how to keep them in place particularly when you start to use them.

Why do my dentures feel loose?

Having teeth removed prior to the placement of the denture, may cause the denture to feel loose. This is mainly due to gum shrinkage that occurs as your gums heal. Healing of your gums and the underlying bone can take between 3-6 months. During this period, Dr. Friess can place a temporary liner inside the denture to help keep it snug. We also recommend denture adhesives to help with this. After the healing of the gums is complete, we will place a permanent liner and simply closing your mouth and swallowing will help to provide the suction needed to hold your dentures in place.

I am experiencing some soreness, is that normal?

Patients occasionally discuss soreness with us. It is not unusual, it comes from uneven pressure on the gums. Dr. Friess is able to make adjustments or trim spots as a way to help increase the comfort of your denture.

When and what can I eat with my new dentures?

Your dental team at Hearthstone Dental will discuss with you to begin with foods that are soft, and easy to chew with your new denture. By taking small, slow bites, you can begin to understand how to use your denture and become better at the new actions of this dental appliance. The more difficult foods, including steak or hard vegetables like carrots will require a gradual learning curve. We also recommend that you avoid and foods that are sticky or chewy until you are more comfortable with your dentures.

How will dentures effect my ability to talk?

Immediately after receiving your new denture will initially effect your speech. There will be a certain learning curve to talking. We recommend reading aloud to help with practicing to enunciate. As you do this, you will figure out how to move your lips and tongue in such a way that you do not displace your dentures or cause them to click. This will take practice and patience but is not impossible.

How do I keep my dentures clean?

Dr. Friess will strongly push the important of keeping your denture clean and well taken care of. To do this, we recommend:

  • Brushing with a soft bristled brush and a toothpaste that is designed for dentures. You will want to brush after every meal. Any food particles that get trapped under the denture can cause inflammation of the gums and cause you discomfort. Also, be sure to brush your entire oral cavity to remove an bacteria present.
  • Remove your denture when going to bed at night, this will give your gum tissues a time to rest.
  • Place your dentures in a small cup of water to prevent them from drying out. When dentures dry out they can distort in shape and will then not fit well.
  • Weekly place your dentures in an enzymatic cleaning solution to remove stains and proteins.

For more information on your new dentures and how to care for them, contact Hearthstone Dental at our Salem, OR location. 971-600-2006